Articles written for eidé magazine.


Written for eidé magazine

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High-Flying Design

I spoke with one of the South’s leading jet designers to discuss five things you might not have known about traveling with the world’s elite.

Fashion Anatomy: The Louis Vuitton Trunk

The third installment of Fashion Anatomy delved into the history and making of the iconic Louis Vuitton trunk.

Thinking Inside the Box

More members of the restaurant industry — one known for producing an insane amount of waste, from food items to packaging — are looking for new and creative ways to lessen their environmental impact.

Fashion Anatomy: The Straw Hat

For this issue’s edition of Fashion Anatomy, I chatted with Gigi Burris, a Florida native and master milliner, about straw hats and why a high-end piece is worth some serious coin.

The Rise of Fashion South

Profiles of the best in Southern fashion, from up-and-coming designers to the best boutiques, amazing products and established designers taking over the world with successful lines.

Fashion Anatomy: The Suit Jacket

For this issue, I got to speak with a master tailor about what exactly goes into constructing a well-made suit jacket.

Dinner Party DNA

Detailing the recipe for a perfect night, from the decor to the menu.

Art by Popular Demand

Profiling the best emerging artists the south has to offer, including Andrew Blanchard, Amy Lind and Kate Long Stevenson.