Hi there

Hi, I’m Cassie.

At 7, I wrote a story about a cat in a hot air balloon for a local fiction contest. Dreaming up Felix’s wild adventures got me hooked on the power of a good story, and I’ve been a writer ever since.

Words have taken me on my own adventures, from documenting my first free fall from 10,000 feet for Toyota’s #CamryBold campaign to chasing the perfect shot for a fashion editorial in Puerto Rico’s El Yunque.

I’ve shared the stories of activists, musicians, and designers, and helped brands grow online and build loyal followings.

Currently, I'm putting my skills to use as a copywriter and content strategist at Mailchimp.

Things you won't find on my resume: I judge both wine bottles and books by their covers, could (and sometimes do) live off coffee and french fries, and would give my left foot to visit Jurassic Park.