full-time writer | part-time gypsy


Creative yet analytical.

Always itching for a story to tell.


Hi, I'm Cassie

In school, I studied Journalism + Psychology, spending half my time writing + designing, and the other half learning about behaviors + motivations. I wanted to understand people's actions, but I also had an incurable desire to create things.

Since graduating a handful of years ago, I've found myself doing a few different things, from working with Toyota on their #CamryBold campaign to planning photo shoots in the rainforests of Puerto Rico. Currently, I'm putting my skills to use as a copywriter + content strategist in Atlanta.

I believe your work is only as sharp and passionate as you are, so I've always balanced my day job with personal creative projects and plenty of adventures — from starting a blog with a college friend to exploring a new part of the world every chance I get.

Things you won't find on my resume: I judge wine bottles + magazines by their covers, would be entirely too happy living off coffee + fries, and the one unattainable thing on my bucket list (and also the thing I want most) is to visit Jurassic Park. 



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